New Arrivals On The Elite Falconry Team

New Arrivals On The Elite Falconry Team

Meet Womble and Clanger!

These are the latest arrivals to our exciting summer team. They are White Faced Scops Owls, currently 4 1/2 weeks old.

These owls, believe it or not are almost fully grown. They top out at around 6 to 7oz in weight, and less than 6 inches tall. We plan to fly them as a cast, which means that the two birds will fly together. They are an exciting addition to our team, and will be available to be a part of our experience days in the coming weeks.

These owls are particularly appealing to very young children, or anyone who may feel nervous flying a larger bird as they are so small, but they do not lack character,  and are full of fun.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress. 🙂