Important News From Elite Falconry

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Important News From Elite Falconry

Please note, the UK as a whole, has seen a decline in rabbit numbers by 60% since 1992, and in Scotland, rabbit numbers are down by 80% since 1995.

Vast areas have seen the entire eradication of rabbits‎ where once they were at huge population levels.

This decline has been caused by a disease called Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD).

The VHD virus has already seen and evolution to VHD2. The affects are devastating and while vaccines are available for pet rabbits, no programme for wild rabbits is planned.

With the very real possibility of the extinction of rabbits in the UK, and considering the knock on effects to wild predators and other UK flora and fauna, we at Elite Falconry have chosen to suspend all rabbit hunting activity for the foreseeable future to reduce further pressure and impact on the remaining populations.
We have removed our former product, The Premier Experience due to this decision, and our standard hunting day will no longer feature any rabbit hunting and will centre around game bird species.

We will work where possible with authorities to try to exact pressure to react to this horrible decline in rabbit numbers.

We will update you as the situation evolves, hopefully with an improved outlook.