Falconry Experience Full Day

If you desire the all encompassing full day experience, but have no desire to go hunting, the full day can be taken as a non-hunting day out.

Removing the logistics of a hunting day allows us more time to fly more species of birds with you.

You’ll fly all the birds we have time to including owls, hawks, falcons, kites, vultures & of course wonderful eagles. We also strive to include a bird which is still in training, to give you some background knowledge of the development that goes into the birds you are flying.

We at Elite Falconry are traditionalists, but not luddites! We embrace new and improved techniques and technology, but retain practices and an ethos, are deeply rooted in the 4000 year history of falconry. While falconry is a hunting sport, we respect entirely that some people don’t want to participate or witness any hunting activities. Our full day experience will fulfill all of your dreams of working with these magnificent aerial predators, but without any activity aimed at taking game. Additionally, no longer restrained by the need to adhere to legal game seasons, your full day, non hunting experience can take place year round, bringing the bonus of warm weather – if Scotland is being kind to us!

The full day experienced is built to give you hands on experience handling and flying a multitude of species, each trained to fly in a habitat, and manner that reflects its own evolutionary niche. Generally encompassing a minimum of 7 species, after your safety briefing, we’ll spend time in woodlands and open country, producing a range of flying styles that show you in graphic detail how each species is so different. The methods used to train and maintain the birds in top shape, are those same practices developed over eons by falconers the world over, and serve to demonstrate birds at the peak of their ability. Although we are NOT hunting, remember the birds are predators, so their behaviour is that of an apex predator. You see them in full action, but their focus has been turned to the rewards that we provide.

Including birds from our team including owls, hawks, buzzards, eagles, kites, falcons, vultures, caracaras and mighty eagles, the diversity in your day is extraordinary!

The time on hand not only allows us to have you fly these birds and explain what their behaviour is about, and how each individual is adapted to survive in its own unique way, but we also try to include at least one bird that is in training and not yet the polished product. You can use this to begin to understand how a falconer gets under the skin of a bird, how he or she uses its natural instincts to motivate it, and how the reward systems go on to encourage a bird to eventually demonstrate the same behaviour as it’s wild counterpart.

We believe this is the most diverse and encompassing birds of prey experience day currently available.

There is a degree of walking on uneven ground during this experience day, so please speak to us in advance of purchase if any mobility issues need to be considered, and suitability can be discussed.

Upgrade Your Experience – Video Upgrade Package

We can fit an eagle on any of those days, with a full HD, on board, back pack mounted video camera. We have used this equipment, developed here at Elite Falconry, on national TV shows like The One Show and BBC TV’s groundbreaking Winterwatch shows. In superb full HD quality, the eagle will record his or her view of the location we are flying from their point of view. That will include you on the ground, and the view as seen by the bird as it returns to your gloved fist. The footage can be reviewed on the day of your experience, and once edited, will be made available for you to keep.

If you have any questions about what packages we offer then please contact us at info@elitefalconry.com or call us on Tel:01592 722143.

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