The Eagle Odyssey

Eagles have been used to portray strength, power, bravery, independence, and valour for all of history, not least it was the standard of Roman legions.

Today, they still feature on at least 9 national flags, and federal or family coats of arms too numerous to count.

These associations were, and are, not without foundation. Their places on flags are well deserved.

Although not all eagles are huge, they all possess all of the above attributes in spadefuls! Unimaginable power, loyalty, devotion to their young, unapologetic about what they have to do to survive, these magnificent creatures easily demand our attention and admiration.

While we complain of the cold during chilly winters and skid and slide our way through the days, before gathering our shopping in heated supermarkets, enjoying a warm dinner in our centrally heated homes where we sleep in warm beds while we avoid a sharp frost or covering of snow, Golden Eagles are sitting on rocky outcrops at the top of the Cairngorms, the Alps and the Rockies. They have no help, no heat, and no break from the weather. When hunger drives them, they throw themselves into the teeth of the screaming freezing gales and will hunt for hours to secure a meal.

We recoil in fear of a snake in case it is dangerous, but a White Bellied Sea Eagle does not hesitate to take a venomous sea snake over wide expanses of water.

Humans avoid confrontation with large animals, we are even cautious having to restrain a cat, and most people like to gather their food wrapped and prepared for us in supermarkets, but a Martial Eagle will stoop from thousands of feet of altitude and throw itself, feet first, upon a monitor lizard or antelope that outweighs it by 5 to 1 in a bid to feed itself and its family.

Eagles deserve the awe in which we behold them.

Elite Falconry is happy to to make available from late 2019, our Eagle Experience Day. You or the recipient of a voucher you can gift to them, can join us in admiration and wonderment as we fly a range of these magnificent avian predators. With a variety of species with corresponding differences in flight style, your admiration of these birds will grow and grow.

You’re not here just to watch though. Whether the eagle is flying in a low altitude sprint, riding a warm summer thermal, or working the winter winds, you will have unrivalled access to the birds, and will have them recall to land on your gloved hand.

We will explore a range of species and flight styles, including a mock hunt of a dummy quarry item, or have a fish eagle taking food from water to help you understand the eagles total commitment to prey and their range of abilities.

This experience should not be confused with other ‘eagle experiences’ you may see advertised. No time is wasted ‘meeting the birds’ or starting with smaller species. There is no build up to eagles, or build up to handling one. After your safety briefing (ten minutes) this experience is all eagles (including some very big ones) from start to finish with no wasted ‘fill time’.


Humans will never rival the ability of an eagle, nor will we ever truly fly like one, but we can certainly show YOU how eagles fly!


This is NOT a hunting experience, and only a simulated hunt will be included.

This experience can be purchased and scheduled at any time, but the product is only available between April and October.


Price. £330. Non Participating guests. £100.

If you have any questions about what packages we offer then please contact us at or call us on Tel:01592 722143.