Flying Film Crew

Capture Aerial Footage Like Never Before!

We at Elite Falconry consider it our responsibility to ensure that your bird of prey footage for TV, film, documentary or private commission is not only of the highest quality, but also brings credibility.

Before we begin filming with you, we will talk through your aims to ensure that first of all, the bird or birds utilised, are appropriate.

For example, we are routinely aggravated by scenes on TV of British medieval activity including falconry, but with a hawk present that didn’t arrive on UK soil until 300 years after the scene was set. There is easy, and there is accurate. We aim for accurate.

Another is the scene with a Falcon or Golden Eagle in shot, audio dubbed with the plaintive cry of a Red tail hawk. Many may not realise the visual / audio mis-match, but you are creating an association, and that association should be correct. We will bring you that credibility enhancing accuracy, assuming we are allowed access to final cut material before transmission.

The film work we can create with you is both diverse and of the highest quality.

If you are aiming for a Golden Eagle as ‘wild’ flying and hunting over the mountains of Scotland, or a Verreaux Eagle flying over a rock koppie in Africa, we can bring this to you. Our aim is to fly all of our birds at all times, in the manner closest possible to that of their wild counterparts, so again, your film enjoys credibility from the off.

Film and Television Services - Elite Falconry
Elite Falconry Film and Television Services

With some advanced safety and due diligence work in hand, most of our team can be flown to your presenter or actors fist for pieces to camera.

Where things become truly exciting is the addition of footage gathered by some of our bird team, via their on board cameras. Full eagle POV footage in spectacular full HD and 4K quality. Back pack mounted cameras (forward, side, and rear facing) bring stunning realism, and with the forward facing back pack camera showing the back of the eagles head and leading edge of the wings, a true feeling of riding on board with the eagle is created (no CGI required for riding these dragons!)

Additionally, pioneered by Elite Falconry is the new chest mount camera. While on the soar, or riding a thermal, this camera brings a downward and slightly forward view of the land below, over which the eagle is flying, but, again, in full 4K HD, this unit allows us a view of those critical seconds during which the eagle throws those huge and powerful talons forward, and grasps its fish, fleeing hare, or your presenter / actors fist. This is NEVER before seen footage of those critical success /failure moments in the life of an apex avian predator.

Some Recent credits include BBC Springwatch, BBC Winterwatch, BBC The One Show, National Geographic Europe’s Great Wilderness, Animals 24/7, BBC Scotland Landward, STV, Off The Fence, and many more.

We can additionally independently create footage for your project or film from your picture board projections.