In today’s world, the unique skill set and mentality of birds of prey have made them attractive, indeed invaluable, in their ability to execute a multitude of commercial activities.

Sadly, like many specialists, they also have a limited ability to change their habits, haunts and natural behaviour.

We want to see further into the private world’s of the birds and animals that we share the world with. TV and film helps us do so, but the accuracy of either information, or sight / sound presentation compatibility is often woefully below the level of acceptability.

The useful application of a trained bird is one thing, evaluating and understanding their suitability, and much more importantly, their safety in the execution the job in hand is entirely another.

Furthermore, many human activities, construction and structures or machines, can have a devastating affect on wild birds of prey.

In all of these situations, from pest control works using birds of prey on gull abatement work, through to a high end 4K HD natural history documentary, and from the impacts of building a wind turbine or wind farm, through to experiments using eagles to ‘take out’ illegally used drones, an organising body will call on the opinion of an ‘expert’.

In many cases the advice and direction given can be very good, in others, at best inadequate.

To prevent medium and long term exposures of short falls in the due diligence process which can be horrendously expensive, your project or proposal should draw upon the availability of consultancy specific to affects on birds of prey  Рa group that always evokes powerful public emotions. A small change through consultancy now can prevent the horrible experience, huge cost and negative exposure of the death of a hawk, falcon, eagle or harrier at some later stage.

The enormous depth of knowledge developed over decades of both the training of captive birds of prey of enormous species and global geographic diversity, plus the observance knowledge of wild raptors on different continents, uniquely places Elite Falconry to provide your consultancy services.

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Elite Falconry