Following some tremendous feedback relative to flying demonstrations and activities provided by Elite Falconry at weddings, we decided to package a Birds of Prey at weddings service.

Imagine the romance of the Bride being received at the ceremony venue or reception by a falconer in traditional dress with a Golden Eagle on his (or her) fist

Experience the joy and elation as an eagle or owl flies over your guests heads to deliver the ring or rings (enclosed in a custom made drawstring ring pouch for you to keep) to the pre-trained best man.

We have all been at a wedding reception and spent time in idle chat, hopping from foot to foot wondering what to do while the official photographs are being taken. No longer does there need to be such a slow time for your guests with Elite Falconry present.

We will provide an entertaining and inclusive flying demonstration which will see your guests invited forward to come and fly the birds with us.

Photo sessions can include shots of the eagle flying in to the joined upraised hands of the Bride and Groom and a pure white falconers glove for the Bride to wear during some close up shots with the birds.

You can be sure that the atmosphere, romance and memories of your day will be enhanced to the full by Elite Falconry’s presence.

Prices start from £595+VAT depending on total content and geographical location of the venue.