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Treat yourself or a friend to one of our exciting experiences!

No matter the experience you choose, the Elite Falconry team will make sure that you enjoy every second of it.

We provide full day experiences in the Highlands of Scotland  through to half day and even one hour experiences from our central Fife location.

Our Vouchers

When you purchase a birds of prey experience day voucher (whether it be on the website, telephone, or in person), you will receive a voucher for the product (like the one pictured). It will carry all the basic details of the type of experience you have purchased, any message you have asked to be added if it is for a gift, and most importantly, a voucher number. The voucher will be accompanied by a letter which goes into much more detail about the day, plus important details about suggested clothing, how to book the experience and other relevant information. The vouchers are valid for 10 months from the date of purchase. When you, or the recipient of the gift voucher contacts us to schedule the day, they must have the voucher number. Without it, we can’t schedule a date. We also suggest that you book in as far in advance of your preferred date as possible – dates do get booked out a considerable time in advance.

You can not schedule your day online. The voucher recipient must contact us directly to book a date. You do not have to book a date at the time of purchase, although if you contact us at the time of purchase, we can reserve a date for you. It is very important to remember that we do not break any rules or laws about game seasons, and we do honour our moral responsibility to avoid hunting young or pregnant animals. We therefore only operate hunting days between October 1st and February 28th / 29th, and during some periods, access to certain game species is forbidden. No hunting days will be operated between March 1st and September 30th.

Below we have listed all of our experiences and if you have any questions about a package or about our other services then please contact us at info@elitefalconry.com or call us on Tel:01592 722143.

Elite Falconry Experience Vouchers

Choose Your Falconry Experience!

One Hour Falconry Experience – £50

Ideal for those who have a curiosity about raptors, and would like to enjoy the thrill and experience of handling and flying birds of prey. You will start by flying one of the delightful Owls.

Then you will take an easy walk out over the steading with a Hawk that’s flying free, but working with and from you.

You will fly the birds (under supervision of course) and have your first taste of the ancient art that is falconry – the partnership between man and a top aerial predator.

Half Day Falconry Experience – £95

The Half Day Experience is an enhanced version of the ever-popular One Hour Experience. After extended flights with the Owl and Hawk you will take a short Land Rover drive to the end of the steading where we will have the space to give you a close encounter with a Falcon, Kite or Caracara according to weather.

Finally you will fly one of the more friendly eagles. If the weather is right the eagle will make tremendous height on thermals or rising air currents. When in the right place and at height, the signal is given and the bird will stoop in at great speed to land (gently) on your gloved hand. Throughout your falconry experience you will be taught about the birds’ behaviour and how each different bird carves a living in its natural home.

Full Day Falconry Experience – £215

If you desire the all encompassing full day experience, but have no desire to go hunting, the full day can be taken as a non-hunting day out. Removing the logistics of a hunting day allows us more time to fly more species of birds with you.

You’ll fly all the birds we have time to including owls, hawks, falcons, kites, vultures and of course wonderful eagles. We also strive to include a bird which is still in training, to give you some background knowledge of the development that goes into the birds you are flying.

Once you have purchased your experience, you will receive a package (sent via Royal mail ) containing your voucher along with instructions on how to schedule your experience with us.  You can bring along a friend to share your experience provided you have purchased a “non-participating guest” voucher which is also available to purchase online.

Eagle Day - Elite Falconry

The Eagle Odyssey – £330

Eagles have been used to portray strength, power, bravery, independence, and valour for all of history, not least it was the standard of Roman legions.
Today, they still feature on at least 9 national flags, and federal or family coats of arms too numerous to count.
These associations were, and are, not without foundation. Their places on flags are well deserved.

This experience should not be confused with other ‘eagle experiences’ you may see advertised. No time is wasted ‘meeting the birds’ or starting with smaller species. There is no build up to eagles, or build up to handling one. After your safety briefing (ten minutes) this experience is all eagles (including some very big ones) from start to finish with no wasted ‘fill time’.

A Mixed Bag! The Best Of Both Worlds – £240

We hope this hybrid day will bring some exciting variety to the day, and still supply some heart racing hunting activity with the Goshawks and sustainable quarry.

This experience includes an aspect of hunting. To assure we abide by legal game hunting seasons, and ensure we are working with hawks in a fully fit condition, the day can only be supplied between October 1st and January 31st. The day can be scheduled or purchased at any time, but can only be executed between these dates.

upgrade Your Elite Falconry Experience
upgrade Your Elite Falconry Experience

Upgrade Your Experience

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, we at Elite Falconry try very hard to retain the traditions and ethos of falconry, while at the same time embracing new practices, advancements in husbandry, animal welfare and veterinary skills etc. We also like to encompass technological advancement as it is developed. Going back to the 1980’s and 90’s, this saw the utilisation of new, then improving telemetry – tracking equipment allowing us to further secure our birds against the risk of permanent loss while out flying.

This embracing and enjoyment of new technology continues to move us to new things, pushing us to develop new ways to utilise technology in a way that enhances our, and your, enjoyment and understanding of what our birds do.

Currently we have two parts to our upgrades for the half day experience, full day experience, full day hunting, and specialist eagles day.

Video Upgrade Package

Firstly, we can fit an eagle on any of those days, with a full HD, on board, back pack mounted video camera. We have used this equipment, developed here at Elite Falconry, on national TV shows like The One Show and BBC TV’s groundbreaking Winterwatch shows. In superb full HD quality, the eagle will record his or her view of the location we are flying from their point of view. That will include you on the ground, and the view as seen by the bird as it returns to your gloved fist. The footage can be reviewed on the day of your experience, and once edited, will be made available for you to keep.