Wildlife Warriors

Wildlife Warriors is our exciting and educational weekend club for kids.

Our aim is to make sure all of our Warriors not only have lots of fun, but are also to educated all about the wild world around them.

We do all sorts of different wildlife related activities every week including things like building nest boxes & putting them up, home made bird feeders, worm hotels, bone preservation, learning about fantastic birds like Hawks and Owls as well as learning about the conservation of all of our threatened British wildlife. Currently sessions are running at one hour Saturdays & Sundays.

Summer adventures

During field trips in the summer, we plan to educate children about the food chain and our place in it as well as the origins of the food we eat.

We will also go out to participate in feeding wild birds and animals such as Blue Tits, Black Birds, Otters, Partridge & Field Voles and learn how to look after them.

In summer prices are £12.00 per child with lessons lasting 1 1/2 hours.

In winter, prices are £10.00 per child with sessions lasting 1 hour.

Keep up to date at our Wildlife Warriors Facebook page.

WildlifeWarriors - Elite Falconry Fife
Wildlife Warriors - Elite Falconry Fife
Wildlife Warriors - Elite Falconry Fife