Hunting Experience Full Day

This is the most comprehensive introduction day to the art of falconry.

You will be enthralled as the birds get the chance to show what millions of years of evolution has shaped them to do.

After being fitted with a glove and having had your safety briefing you will handle one of our team of hunting hawks.

After your early two course hot lunch, we head in the 4 X 4 vehicles to the hunting grounds. Using various methods to flush a variety of game, the falconers will attempt to show you the birds using 100% of their instinct, experience and skill to catch their prey as they would in the wild. Possibly the highlight of your day will be the last half hour or so as we set up a short flight with one of the eagles. Very different to the flight and strategy of the hawks, with truly unbelievable power and grace ….. you’ll have to come along and see it to believe it, and we KNOW YOU WILL NEVER FORGET IT!

The full day can also be taken as an experience rather than a hunting day. For those who really would enjoy the comprehensive day with the birds, but have no desire to witness game being taken, this day really is the perfect package. The guest will fly with owls, hawks, buzzards or vulture, falcons and eagles, and spend some time learning what makes them tick.

Each of these days is different. Being so lucky to have a broad range of species available to us here means that as the seasons change, we can fly birds better suited to the current climate and conditions. Thus, through the year, the full day (more than any other) changes accordingly. As winter approaches, you’ll join us as we begin exercising Golden Eagles and perhaps peregrine falcons.

In late summer we’ll be working with new untrained birds that we have bred here so you can see some of the back ground to training a bird of prey from the start.

In spring we’ll be hand raising baby owls! You’ll join us all the way through a variety of species, learn about them and their specialities and niche, and of course fly a multitude of species for your pleasure.

Upgrade Your Experience!

Currently we have two parts to our upgrades to supercharge your experience.

Video Upgrade Package

We can fit an eagle on any of those days, with a full HD, on board, back pack mounted video camera. We have used this equipment, developed here at Elite Falconry, on national TV shows like The One Show and BBC TV’s groundbreaking Winterwatch shows. In superb full HD quality, the eagle will record his or her view of the location we are flying from their point of view. That will include you on the ground, and the view as seen by the bird as it returns to your gloved fist. The footage can be reviewed on the day of your experience, and once edited, will be made available for you to keep.

Technical Upgrade Package

Our technical upgrade option is a great one for those lovers of data, statistics and technology. Our birds can now carry tiny transmitters that relay live, real time data on how high it is relative to us on the ground, how fast it is flying or stooping, or even how fast it is climbing on the wind or a thermal. With the speed and altitude data in hand, you can even calculate the G forces experienced when the bird throws the brakes on!

More than this, the data is sent to a hand held tablet device, which is pre loaded with a Google earth map of the land we are flying over. The data is over laid onto the map with a constant trace of its flight path left on the map. As it flies over a rock or wood, you see the wood or rock on the map and the trace of the bird as it passes. It is spectacular technology and offers an insight into what is going on in a birds life in the air, the likes of which that have never been possible before.

If you have any questions about what packages we offer then please contact us at or call us on Tel:01592 722143.

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